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Barrow PWM speed regulation 17W water pump box body set a variety of length

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator

The use of internal label for P2 brushless permanent magnet motor components provide internal drive for the cooling system tailored to the whole square structure, small volume, strong performance, can provide the system with sufficient power, and maintain long-term stable working state
Optional 5MM lighting lamp accessories can provide single dazzling lighting effects
Acrylic cover material is brittle, individual modifications do not use excessive force and tighten the screws at the interface connector, will likely lead to thread cracking
The pump cover and the water tank can be freely combined and separated, and can be purchased in different lengths of pipe components to upgrade and refit
SPB17-MINI length: 115MM
SPB17-195 length: 195MM
SPB17-245 length: 245MM
There are a variety of color options available, please refer to specific customer service
Pump cover material: PMMA (acrylic)
Shell material: aluminum alloy