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The Barrow INTEL X99 platform Energy special limited edition series water head

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator

Halo limited edition cover for acrylic + hollow Aluminum Alloy ring with a standard 0.3MM, micro channel plate, the channel number is about 50, the internal integration of color adjustable RGB lamp module, can realize the dynamic / static multi color effect switch through manual controller
(Note: RGB full color controllable lamp group can achieve a variety of static / dynamic and brightness control of light)
Energy series Extreme Edition Limited Edition Halo water head and water head standard manual RGB color lights
Using 0.3MM micro channel process, the flow of water through the cold water inlet head into the cold head, through the guide plate inside the transverse uniform injection into the distance of 0.3MM micro channel copper plate, the internal circulation of the cold head and through the outlet, in the process of rapid heat generated by CPU liquid cooling medium fast away, the completion of the CPU heat exchange work.
LTFHB-Halo series cold head cover with PMMA and aluminum alloy and other materials from a combination of a variety of color options.
Acrylic material cold head adopt international top brands - Germany Degussa Plexiglas whole plate imported acrylic sheet
The cold head plate using 58*58MM large copper plate precision CNC machining, really dense 0.3MM micro channel, disguising. Provide excellent heat dissipation, surface nickel plating, pure mirror polishing process
The new Energy series cold head with lightweight design concept, reduce the weight of the cold head body, and through a new way to tighten the backplane, to provide a more convenient and portable experience
Global Limited 100, each cold head has an independent number.
Compatibility: (suitable for 75MM heat sink hole plate installation)
- Intel socket LGA-115x (1150115111551156)
The cold front must install filtering device, to prevent blockage of cold head.
Standard accessories:
Fixed screw with spring back plate *5
ABS insulation gasket *4
PC insulation gasket *4
Thermal grease *1
Six angle wrench *1