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Toothpaste have a art side: the new Coffee Lake processor to be released

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

In response to AMD Ryzen Lake and hurried out of Coffee lineup obviously haven't complete, such as T suffix low-power versions haven't released.From Coffee on sale Lake has been almost two months, now about Cofffee Lake family remaining members of the news is finally exposed, these new products include the mobile version of the Coffee Lake products, even the "U" generation god pentium G4560 happinesses, and all these processors are very likely to appear at CES 2018.

First of all to see H suffixMobile processorsPositioning, and desktop processor, Intel will Core i9 brand devolved to the mobile space, but now only a 6 nuclear 12 thread Core i9-8950 hk.The following a few processor core number, in addition to the L3 cache andTDPOther specifications shall not know, in addition the actual specification & models for the Intel official information, please.

Ok, now it is up to the desktop version of Coffee Lake - S, currently sold only Core i7-8700 - k and Core i7-8700 two product, Intel will continue to launch next paragraph 4 Coffee Lake Core i7 processor, in addition to low TDP (means low frequency low fever) T suffix products and a suffix B Core i7-8700 - B, speculated that this product is for the special model of the enterprise market.

And Core i5 squad will be much more, because the only issue between the two processors actually can also insert a lot of segmentation model, such as the lost "Core i5-8500" also appears in the list, all of these Core i5 between frequency and TDP almost only, other specifications are similar.

Core i3 is relatively complex, the first Core i3-83 xx is 8 MB L3, other Core i3-81 xx and xx Core i3-80 is only 6 MB L3, specification is slightly different, of course all the Core i3 farce frequency.

Series for the pentium, and celeron entry-level market also got updates, pentium all series retained hyper-threading, all-powerful can presumably in entry level market.Of the specifications of the pentium is almost on the basis of the Core i3 cut half, including Core and cache, so estimate most pentium power consumption in 35 w, part of the high frequency models may be 65 w.The lowest cy young will have 6 product, dual-core double thread, 2 MB L3 cache, light machine to U, it's not a good-looking.

At this pointAnandtechGuess (means just a guess, they don't take it seriously) ninth desktop Core processor in the Coffee add new function of products on the Lake, at best, he is 14 nm + + Coffee Lake Refresh, but this possibility is very small.
In fact they guess this is just a little bit according to, because Kaby Lake Refresh though named point of view seems to be the eighth generation of processors, but nature or in the Kaby Lake on the basis of the out.In recent years, Intel burdened too much blame, they should not play again on desktop processor to this one.